Pararosaniline, Basic Red 9 is an organic compound with the formula [(H2NC6H4)3C]Cl]. It is a magenta solid with a variety of uses as a dye.It is one of the four components of basic fuchsine. (The others are rosaniline, new fuchsine and magenta II.) It is structurally related to other triarylmethane dyes called methyl violets including crystal violet, which feature methyl groups on nitrogen.

Technical Specifications:
C.A.S. No. 569-61-9
CI NO. 42500
M.F. C19H18ClN3
M.W. 323.83gm/mole


Appearance   Green Crystalline Powder with Luster 
Dye Content (by Spectrophotometry) >88%
Water Content   0.5% Max
Water Insoluble Matter  0.2% Max 
Solubility 0.1 % (50% EtOH) Clear solution
Absorption Maximum (50% EtOH) ?max 545-548nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm in 50% EtOH, at ?max) >2550
Loss on drying (110°C) <10%
Suitability for microscopy Passes test

PARAROSANILINE HYDROCHLORIDE is used to dye polyacrylonitrile fibers. Pararosaniline is used as a colorimetric test for aldehydes, in the Schiff test. It is the only basic fuchsine component suitable for making the aldehyde-fuchsine stain for pancreatic islet beta cells. It has use as a Antischistosomal.

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