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RXSOL-40-5025-025  is a catalysed oxygen scavenger in powder form. It is a blend of sodium sulphite and a catalyst. It is recommended for the rapid and complete removal of dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water. RXSOL-40-5025-025 reacts with oxygen to produce sodium sulphate, which contributes to the dissolved solids in boiler feed water. (Na2SO3 + ½ O2 = Na2SO4).

Technical Specifications:


The catalyst RXSOL-40-5025-025 speeds up the removal of dissolved oxygen. Oxygen can be removed completely even from cold water due to catalytic action. Normal reaction time is as low as 15 to 20 seconds as against 10 to 30 minutes for uncatalysed sulphite.


RXSOL-40-5025-025 is a free flowing powder. It is soluble in water even at lower feed water temperature.It is non-toxic and non-corrosive and, therefore, can be handled easily.


RXSOL-40-5025-025 is formulated to get proper pH control for optimum availability of catalyst for rapid oxygen removal.


The catalytic action reduces the excessive requirement of sulphite in feed water for the rapid removal of oxygen. Thus, the quantity required is lower, making RXSOL-40-5025-025 treatment cost effective.



RXSOL-40-5025-025 is mildly alkaline in nature. Normal precautions should be taken while handling solid powders. In case of contact, wash with water. Do not swallow.

RXSOL-40-5025-025 should be stored in a dry condition. Close the container tightly to avoid contact with air.


RXSOL-40-5025-025 is available in 25 kg polythene lined bags.


RXSOL-40-5025-025 solution should be dosed continuously. Dissolve the required quantity of RXSOL-40-5025-025 gently in boiler feed water in a separate tank. Dose this solution continuously in the boiler feed water line after the deaerator.

Above 8 ppm of sodium sulphite is required for the removal of 1 ppm of dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water. About 10% to 20% of excess sulphite should be dosed to provide oxygen consuming reserve.

The table below gives the approximate dosage.

Feed Water Temperature RXSOL-40-5025-025 dosage in gms per ton ofsteam generation

More than 80oC

60 to 80oC 30
40 to 60oC 60
Less than 40oC 100

The RX MARINE will provide technical assistance in arriving at optimum dosages for your operating conditions and requirements and in selecting a suitable dosing system for your plant

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