dvr Oils for pure cutters

Oils for pure cutters

A great experience in the manufacturing of fluids for metallurgy allows us to offer the adequate product for all types of operations.

Mechanisation fluids for all types of materials and for working with all types of water.

Also, products for metallic deformation or for drawing, where our series of products has received greater acknowledgement from our clients.

Product Features and applications
Series 14,23

Mineral oils for pure cutting for the general mechanisations of steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel. For difficult and high-speed operations.

Series 148,14900

Oils for pure cutting without chlorine and thus low environmental impact as indicated for general mechanisations by steel and alloyed steel. Extreme pressure additives.

Series 173,177,188

Oils for pure cutting without chlorine, of synthetic nature and with low viscosity. Specially designed for mechanised operations by micro-spraying, directly on the piece.


Dielectric oils for electro-erosion machines. Viscosity: 2.5-2.7 cSt, 40ºC


Without chlorine. Threaded and drilled steel and stainless steel. Viscosity 150 cSt, 40ºC


Threaded and drilled, stainless steel. Viscosity >320 cSt. 40ºC

Series Puloil

Oils for pure cutting, for rectified cuts, polished steel and aluminium. Range of viscosities: 4-7.

Series 360

High performance cutting oils. High point of inflammation, does not evaporate or form fog.

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