NEUTRAL RED 60% excellent quality manufacturer, exporter and supplier. Neutral red 60% is a eurhodin dye used for staining in histology and acts as a pH indicator, changing from red to yellow between pH 6.8 and 8.0. It stains lysosomes red. It is used as a general stain in histology, as a counterstain in combination with other dyes, and for many staining methods.NEUTRAL RED 60% used as an indicator for preparing neutral red paper, and as a biological stain. Neutral red is added to some growth media for bacterial and cell cultures.In microbiology, it is used in the MacConkey agar to differentiate bacteria for lactose fermentation.

Technical Specifications:
C.A.S. No. 553-24-2
CI NO. 50040
M.F. C15H17 N4Cl
M.W. 288.78gm/mole


Dye Content (by Spectrophotometry) >60%
Transition Range pH 6.8-8.0
  Violet Red- Yellow
Solubility 0.1% (50% EtOH) Clear solution
Absorption Maximum (50%EtOH+2ml Acetic Acid) ?max 539-544nm
Absorptivity (A1%,1cm in 50% EtOH+2ml Acetic Acid, at ?max) >920
Loss On Drying (110°C) <8%
Suitability for microscopy Passes test

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