dvr Muriatic Acid 60 Kg

Muriatic Acid supplier and exporter in India and Middle East. Muriatic Acid clean ship hold and Brighten Surface and also easily cleans mineral, salts deposits as well as algae and scum.

Technical Specifications:


Muriatic Acid


Specification Range


% Strength

34.5 %u2013 35.5


Specific gravity @ 60°F

1.175 %u2013 1.182


Degree Baum%u0113 (B%u0113)

21.8 %u2013 22.2


Iron (ppm)

0.5 %u2013 1.5

< 0.5

Color (APHA)

N/A – 20

< 20

Total organic compound (ppm)

N/A %u2013 5

< 5

Lead (Pb) (ppm)

N/A – 1


Oxidizing substance (as cl2 ppm)

N/A %u2013 30

< 30

Reducing Substances (as SO3)

N/A – 70


Non-Volatile Residue (wt.%)

N/A – 0.5


Sulfate (SO4) (%)

N/A – 0.5


After discharging Coal or pet coke, which leave staining, it is often necessary to use heavy duty stain removing alkaline detergents, which are applied on the surface and leave for at least 10 minutes to take effect by chemical reaction and then finally rinsed away with water. Aquatuff High Foam is a heavy alkaline cleaner with good foaming qualities, RXSOL PCS developed for cargo hold cleaning to remove stains and discolouring after discharge of cargoes such as pet coke, coal. And Holdbrite, Alkaline Liquid also developed for cargo hold cleaning. 


Muriatic Acid comes in liquid form, While we have Muriatic acid in Gel – Viscous form which is resulting with the excess blend of surfactant and a thickening agent, which is not only increasing importance to use on the vertical surface where liquid use is not possible but also increasing cleaning action without smoke generation.

Using Procedure:

Before uses of Muriatic acid chemical washing, Removal of more excess residues during dry cleaning either manual sweeping or air blown is always been wise decision. After dry cleaning, the holds are to be chemically washed with Muriatic Acid/Hydrochloric Acid and leave the surface for 15-30 minutes to allow maximum efficiency but not to dry out. Finally washed with Sea Water and rinsed with Fresh Water (depending on the next cargo).

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