dvr Methanol HPLC Grade

Technical Specifications:
Physical state Liquid. [Colorless.]
Flash point Open cup: 15.85°C (60.5°F)
Auto-ignition temperature 464°C (867.2°F)
Flammable limits Lower: 6% 
Upper: 36.5%
Odor Characteristic. Alcohol-like
Molecular weight 32.05 g/mole
Molecular formula C-H4-O
pH Not available
Boiling/condensation point 64.5°C (148.1°F)
Melting/freezing point -97.8°C (-144°F)
Relative density 0.792
Vapor pressure 12.9 kPa (97 mm Hg)
Vapor density 1.11 [Air = 1]
Volatility 99.9% (v/v)
Odor threshold 100 ppm
Solubility Soluble in the following materials: water

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