dvr Metal Brite 210 Ltrs

Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and deposits left from the caustic based cargos like caustic soda. Also acts as SURFACE BRIGHTNER.  Superior heavy duty and highly Concentrated liquid blend of surfactant & organic compound containing rust penetrating agent, solubilizer and inhibited with rust dissolving acid.

Technical Specifications:

* If the mixture is allowed to overheat, it will soften epoxy / phenolic coating. *

Use a strainer at the pumpstack when circulating any solution. Tank Lining %u2013 Stainless / Epoxy, Phenolic

Product Properties:-


Colourless liquid



g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.2



10% solution 1.5-2.5


Compatibility Metal

Concentrate and long touch may corrode.



No known effect



Order No:RXSOL MB 1011 HD

Size (in litres) 25 , 35 



%u2022 Non-flammable.
%u2022 Prevents further rusting.
%u2022 Economical , cost effsctive.
%u2022 Surface brightening
%u2022 Protects and maintains from corrosion
%u2022 Acts as rust proofing agent before the application of paints or coatings.
%u2022 It doesn%u2019t affect rubber and plastic compounds

Note:- When cleaning aluminium, brass & copper flush with water upon completion of cleaning


For a cargo tank cleaning agent, it can be used at the concentration of 5% to remove the stains after the cargo contains caustic based products.

Dilutions must be made in a plastic container. The acid should always be added to water, never the reverse.

To clean surfaces after welding or rusted surfaces use 50% Rust Remover-Water solution.

To remove stain or rust from brass and copper surfaces use between 20 %u2013 50 % solution and rinse it with water after 15 %u201340 minutes.

On aluminum surfaces use 10 %u2013 30% Metal Brite -Water solution and after 5 minutes rinse it with water.

To remove rust from painted surfaces use 20 %u2013 30% Metal Brite -Water solution and rinse with water after 15 – 40 minutes

To remove rust remains from ceramic, porcelain and glass surfaces; use 20 %u2013 50% Rust Remover-Water solution for 20-40 minutes and rinse it with water.

To remove light cement and lime use 50% Rust Remover-Water solution and after 30 %u2013 40 minutes rinse with water.

To remove rust in the pipelines and tanks use 5% Metal Brite -Water solution and circulate. On the other hand, if you use injection method use 3-5% Metal Brite -Water solution. Both circulation and injection must continue until the rust is removed.

Brushing is recommended for heavy rusty surfaces.

Using Procedure:

Procedure for Use:-RXSOL-16-1011-210 is highly concentrate

Dilute in water (always use plastic jar and RXSOL-16-1011-210 should be added to water never add water to RXSOL-16-1011-210.)

Surface should be sound clean and free from oil, grease, dirt etc.

Diluted materials apply on rusted area for 15 to 20 minutes then wash off with water repeat if necessary. (For stubborn rusted stains.)

Note:- For steel surfaces; remove oil, grease and old paint. Wet down entire surface with neat Metal Bright- Rx and allow to dry. Second wash may be necessary. Surface should have a grey/white appearance when the Metal Bright- Rx is dry. Steel surfaces will have a resistance to rust and will render a good base for paint. For removal of rust stains on painted surfaces and wood, Metal Bright Rx should be applied at full concentration for heavy stains, or diluted to 20-50% for light stains. Allow to soak for 15 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. A second application may be necessary to remove the stubborn stains.

Spraying Direction: %u2013 Using an empty / clean 210 liter drum, fill with 190 liter of fresh water and add 20 liters of Metal Bright Rx This makes a 10% solution, which can be sprayed onto areas in coated tanks where rust stains are showing and over actual rusted areas. Once spraying is completed, wait 20-30 minutes and fresh water rinse with lots of water, if possible use butterworth machines for a more efficient result. This method can be used in stainless tanks to %u201Cfreshen up%u201D the look of the stainless materials. Make sure to rinse the tank very well, as residual detergent within the Metal Bright Rx will show up in a Wall Wash.

Injection%u2013 Not suitable.

Re-circulation: %u2013 When hand spraying is inadequate (too much area to cover), prepare a 2% – 5% solution in the tank using fresh water, heat solution to 50o C, then circulate the solution through butterworth machines for 3 x 45 minutes drops minimum. When using fixed machine recirculate for a minimum of 3 cycles. Rinse out the tank using hot seawater 85o C for 2 hours making sure that there is no form remaining in the water at the pumpstack drain cock. After the hot wash, the tank must be rinsed with fresh water and dried.


Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass , Copper , S.S wood , ceramic and aluminium surfaces , painted or not . And act as surface brightner.
For polishing almost all metals, such as brass, copper, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium and even for machinery and golf clubs.

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