dvr Medium Cloud Point Glycol (RXSOL MCPG)

Medium Cloud Point Glycol  RXSOL MCPG  is a broad cloud-point, wide molecular weight range, additive designed for medium-to-high salinity polyglycol systems. It can provide improved shale stability, lubricity, high-temperature filtration control, plus reduce dilution rates and bit balling.RXSOL MCPG is recommended for freshwater to seawater polyglycol systems. While polyglycols are most effective when used in conjunction with an inhibitive salt in non-dispersed polymer systems, they can be used as additives in most water-base systems.

Technical Specifications:
Physical appearance :  Light brown liquid
Specific gravity : 1.00 %u2013 1.04
Odour : Mild
Flash point : PMCC (°C) 140 min
Pour point (°C) : -12 max.
Solubility in Water : Variable


Using Procedure:

Normal concentrations of RXSOL MCPG  range from 2 to 5% or 7 to 17.5 lb/bbl (20 to 50 kg/m3). After the initial treatment, periodic treatments should be made to maintain the desired concentration. Two field test methods are available to monitor the concentration of Medium Cloud Point Glycol  RXSOL MCPG .

%u201CCloud point%u201D is the temperature where polyglycol additives change from being soluble (at lower temperatures) to being insoluble (at higher temperatures). Shale inhibition is improved when the polyglycol is insoluble or %u201Cclouded out.%u201D The cloud-point temperature can be reduced by increasing salinity (or other electrolytes) and/or by increasing the concentration of Medium Cloud Point Glycol  RXSOL MCPG.


RXSOL MCPG   has application in polyglycol systems in fresh-to-medium salinity makeup water and can be used in wells with low formation temperatures. This medium cloud-point additive helps to stabilize troublesome shales by reducing liquid phase activity and by plugging shale pores, preventing the equalization of hydrostatic pressure away from the wellbore. Polyglycol systems are generally low-to-medium density, nondispersed polymer systems utilizing an electrolyte to activate the cloud-point polyglycol. They have application where troublesome water-sensitive shales are to be drilled, and can be used in lieuof oil-base systems for certain applications. Medium Cloud Point Glycol  RXSOL MCPG can be used in Thermally Activated Mud Emulsion(TAME) applications (near the cloud point) or in situations where it is insoluble (above the cloud point).


Advantage  :

  • Improved wellbore stability and shale inhibition.
  • Improved lubricity.
  • Improved high-temperature filtration control.
  • Wide molecular weight range covers wide temperature range.
  • Reduced dilution rates and mud consumption.
  • Reduced bit balling potential.
  • Low toxicity.

Limitation : As an insoluble liquid it causes slight increases in plastic viscosity.

Toxicity And Handling : Bioassay information is available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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