dvr Magneson Reagent

Magneson reagent used as colour indicator and detection of magnesium in salt compound. As magneson reagent reacts with magnesium and resulting blue precipitae. RXSOL brand magneson reagent is high pure fine LAB chemicals.

Technical Specifications:

Molecular Formula:C12H9N3O4,  Chemical Name:4-(4-NITROPHENYLAZO)


BLUE COLOUR DYE Reagent helpfull and can be use for  DETECTION OF MG during salt analysis.

Dissolve the residue in a few drops of dil HCl and add 2-3ml water. 
Take 1-2 drops of test solution in a spot plate and add 2-3 drops of magneson I reagent (4-(4-Nitrophenylazo)-resorcinol) and add 1 drop of 2M sodium hydroxide NaOH to make it alkaline.  Blue colouration or blue precipitate is formed depending on the concentration of magnesium.

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