m-CRESOL PURPLE excellent quality manufacturer, exporter and supplier. m-Cresol Purple is a pH indicator dye used primarily in spectrophotometric pH measurements. m-Cresol purple is acidic and hydrophobic. The useful pH ranges are 1.2 – 2.8 (red to yellow) and 7.4 – 9.0 (yellow to violet).

Technical Specifications:
C.A.S. No. 2303-01-7
M.F. C21H18O5S
M.W. 382.43gm/mole


Appearance Green to Brown Powder
Transition Range pH 7.4-9.0
  Brownish Yellow-Violet
Solubility 0.1%(50% EtOH) Clear solution
Absorption maximum (0.1N NaOH) ?max 578-584nm
Absorptivity 1%,1cm,(0.1 N NaOH, at ?max) 800-900
Loss On Drying (110°C) <3%

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