dvr Lube Oils Cleaner

Rxsol Lube Oils Cleaner is a multi purpose product that can handle several different applications as well as solve and clean complex contaminations. Rxsol Lube Oil Cleaner  removes lube oil, oil mixed with hard deposit, like rust and lime. Rxsol Lube Oil Celaner  can also remove deposits from glycol and similar products.

Technical Specifications:


– Odour: Characteristic odour

– Appearance: Liquid, colourless to yellow

– Vapour pressure – not known

– Freezing point 0 °C

– Completely soluble in water

– Auto-ignition point >150 deg C at 760 mm Hg

Using Procedure:

Manual Cleaning

For manual cleaning of separator parts and machinery parts.Make a solution between 5-20% concentration depending on how dirty Tank and  equipment to be cleaned is. Both oil and lime will be solved with time, let soak for at least 2 hours. After 2 hours the parts can be cleaned using by High Pressure Machine rinsing or brushing.

Cleaning In Place of Separator

For the lube oil separator use a 20% solution

For the fuel oil separator use a 10% solution

Recommended cleaning temperature is 70-90oC (158-194oF). A normal cleaning cycle is between 1 to 3 hours depending on the dirtiness and character. If the separator has very hard deposits the cleaning cycle may have to be repeated with new cleaning fluid.

Lube Oil Tank :

  • Instead of recirculation cleaning the  RXSOL  Lube Oils Cleaner  can  injected into the Butter   worth system . Kindly make the solution 0.5 -5% and inject same. Depending on the tank size  and  height  fill  the  necessary  amount of  freshwater or  seawater  into  the  service  tank .
  • Butter worth all tanks to be  cleaned 1-1,5  hour  using  the water from the service tank .
  • Heat  the  water by  means  of  heating  coils,  cargo  heat exchanger or going via the Butter worth heater.
  • The pre-cleaning temperature should be between 70 and 80°C.
  • Pump the waste water from the tanks to be cleaned back to service tank (overtop).



  • The product is readilly biodegradable
  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Remove heavy tenacious deposits.
  • Cleans down to metal surfaces.
  • Leaves no film or residue.
  • Reduces down time.
  • Allows cleaning of dics without dismantling the separator.
  • Cleans all types of separator discs.
  • The product is self splitting.
  • Product is tested and approved by Marinfloc.

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