dvr Liquid Bottom Sampler

BOTTOM LIQUID SAMPLER  : samples from the bottom
Capacity ::: 1000ML 
Steel ::: SS 304
Bottom sampler is specialized apparatus and customized such a way to piercing the tank bottom and retaining a sample of the deposit when brought to the surface.

Using Procedure:

Liquid samplers are used to take samples from depths of drums, tanks, and other surfaces. To ensure accurate results, use a liquid sampler made from inert materials to prevent chemical incompatibility. For open water sampling, choose a dipper sampling system or a dipper and bailer with replaceable or removable cups. For hard-to-reach areas, select a portable, automatic peristaltic. 


Manufacturer of Bottom Liquid Sampler and supplier in various Liquid terminal.

Usefull for collecting liquid samples from storage tanks, ponds, wells, etc.

Permits collection at various depths

Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Type 302

Plunger can be activated by bumping unit on tank bottom or at any depth means of a second cord. Top and bottom seals keep interior entirely sample-free until plunger assembly is activated. Required cable is not supplied.

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