dvr Leak Tester CO2 Cylinders

Leak Testing reagent for CO2 Cylinders leak test.  On Leak detection deep pink colour of reagent changes into colourless. CO2 Gas Leak Detector manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

Using Procedure:

Testing Method :
First of all clean valve and shoulder of the cylinder  to make sure connecting portion are free from dust and other contaminants by carefully wiping using a clean, dry cloth. Remove the dust cap to clean the valve then replace the cap loosely.

Then Lay down the cylinder under test on its side in a rack, such that the valve end is protruding.


Testing procedure begin with by Using measuring cylinder to take 25 ml of the RXSOL-66-6201-500 test solution into a polythene bag, Pl. be note A control quantities of sample is necessary, which is made by introducing 25 ml of test solution. Then follow these step :::


1) Attach the open end of the bag over the valve head and attach it to the cylinder body. Tighten Polythene bags using one or more elastic bands. Make sure there are no air gaps in the seal. And also try to hang polythene bag minimum 20 cm off the valve end of the cylinder with the test solution in one corner.


2) Maintain the test for a period of not less than 4 hours and not more than 4.5 hours.



Final Observations

1) The presence of a leak of carbon dioxide from the cylinder will cause the pink colour to the test solution to be lost and the test solution will become water white.


2) If no colour change is observed there is no leak of gas from cylinder. 


Leak Testing of CO2 Cylinders Testing Method ::: 


Required Materials :::

1) Transparent Polythene bags of a suitable size to fit over the head of the cylinder. For eg. for 5.5′ diameter cylinder the bag size is approximately:- 9′ open width x 12′ length. And For a 4′ diameter cylinder, bag size is approximately 6.5′ open width x 12′ length. And For a 3.5′ diameter cylinder, bag size is approximately 5.75′ open width x 12′ length.


2) Elastic bands of a suitable size to tighten Polythene Bag on Cylinder Head to Make sure there are no air gaps in the seal.


3) A measuring cylinder, 25 ml capacity.

4) Test Solution –  RXSOL-66-6201-500, The solution shall be stored in a cool place in dark coloured glass bottles with a tight fitting screw cap. If so stored the shelf life is approximately 12 MONTHS.

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