dvr Klin Kot water based release product

Klin Kot is one of the original, environmental  friendly water-based release products for the Marine, Shipping, Cement, Enginnering and construction industry. It has many applications in the industry including cleaning, asphalt, concrete, mining and hauling and is the ONLY fully adjustable water-based release on the market today with the ability to adjust from 1 to 1 thru 75 to 1, depending upon your application. KLIN KOT is an industry leader, having stood the test of time and proving to be an innovative and quality product for all facets of the  industry.


These are the primary applications and suggested mix ratios for KLIN KOT . The ratios can be varied up or down according to your results. You can visit us on the web to view and print instruction sheets that are specific to your application. If you have any questions regarding a particular application or mix ratio. 

Agricultural Equipment 8 to 1 – 10 to 1

Apply to keep mud and other debris from sticking to all farm equipment.

All Equipment 8 to 1

Use to inhibit rust and to keep equipment looking new. There is no build-up with KLIN KOT . Re-spray equipment after every wash.

Asphalt Equipment, Pavers & Trucks 8 to 1 – 11 to 1

Use KLIN KOT to keep asphalt from sticking to tools, equipment and trucks. Be sure to clean off all of the diesel, soap or other release agents before using KLIN KOT and remember to apply the product every time. It can also be used in the water tanks of rollers at 50 to 1. This will reduce the amount of water needed to prevent stickage and will also leave a coating on the drum allowing the operator to get off the pavement if the water should run out.

Boring and Tunneling Equipment 8 to 1 – 11 to 1

Use KLIN KOT to prevent mud and clay from sticking to conveyor belts, skid steer loaders, cranes, etc. At the end of the day, the mud and clay will clean right off of protected equipment. For the conveyor belts, a constant mist will keep it stick free and stop the hours of clean up at the end of the day.

Concrete Equipment 11 to 1

Spray all of your concrete finishing and placing equipment prior to every pour and clean up will be easy.

Using Procedure:

Concrete Forms 11 to 1 – 15 t o 1

KLIN KOT  is safe for use on all form types including wood, aluminum and plastic. Be sure to clean or cast off as much of the old release as possible to eliminate any reaction between KLIN KOT  and the old form release. Do NOT switch back and forth between KLIN KOT and other release agents. If the forms are new, season them just as you would with oil. The mix ratios vary from 15 to 1 for porous surfaces thru 11 to 1 for non-porous surfaces.

Concrete Form Liners 15 t o 1

KLIN KOT  will provide a smooth, easy release to reproduce the liner design down to the finest detail. Call for vibration suggestions. The
typical mix ratio is 15 to 1 but can be varied depending upon results.

Concrete Pumping and Belt Trucks 11 to 1

Spray KLIN KOT on once per job and do not clean the hopper until the end of the job. Spray your entire truck. To polish truck, see ‘KLIN KOT  Vehicle Instructions’.

Construction Equipment 11 to 1

Apply to all equipment to keep mud and other debris from sticking to your equipment.

Hand Tools 11 to 1

Spray on hand tools regularly to inhibit rust and to keep them looking like new.

Liquid Mask 11 to 1

Spray KLIN KOT  on any surface that is near where fresh concrete will be poured. KLIN KOT will not stain the surface and splatters can simply be brushed or power washed off.

Painting Equipment 10 to 1

Spray on all equipment to keep paint splatters from sticking to equipment, lifts and scaffolding. It also helps to keep the joints lubricated.Precast Concrete Industry Varies Please call for specialized assistance due to the many variables in the precast industry. Our specialitists will assist you in attaining the finish you are trying to achieve. Generally, the mix ratios vary from 11 to 1 thru 18 to 1.

Printing Industry 8 to 1

Use as a release of water based inks and glues in printing presses instead of grease.

Ready-Mix Trucks 11 to 1

Spray the entire truck with KLIN KOT  as needed or after every wash. KLIN KOT will only need to be applied to the chute and hopper after every delivery. For cab polishing instructions please see ‘KLIN KOT  Vehicle Instructions’. Additional directions are available if needed.

Rental Equipment 11 to 1

Use to inhibit rust on equipment that is stored outside. It will also keep most paints from sticking to scissor lifts, etc. It will also keep asphalt, concrete and mud from sticking to your rental equipment.

Sawing and Planing Equipment 11 t o 1 – 50 to 1

Use in the tanks of saws and planers to reduce the amount of water needed to lubricate and cool the blades. KLIN KOT will also help reduce clean up time by preventing slurry from sticking to machines.

Snow Removal and Hauling Equipment 8 to 1

Use KLIN KOT  to keep snow and ice from sticking to equipment. It can also be used as an environmentally safe way to keep snow from sticking inside dump truck boxes when hauling snow off-site. It also provides rust inhibiting qualities to protect from salt corrosion.

Tilt Up Concrete 11 to 1

Please call for specialized assistance due to the many variables regarding tilt up concrete projects. Our specialitists will assist you with proper mix ratios and application techniques. Instruction sheets are available.

Trucks, Buses, Trains, Etc… 11 to 1

KLIN KOT  will help brighten faded equipment. It will also help prevent stains around the fueling inlets and exhaust stains on the vehicle's paint finish.

Vehicle Protectant and Polish 15 to 1

To apply KLIN KOT for the first time you must first wash the vehicle. Then spray on one panel at a time and polish in while droplets are still white. HINT: Mist on the front of the vehicle and let product go clear to help prevent bugs from sticking. KLIN KOT will also safely help remove bugs from your paint finish.

%u2022 Instructions for Using KLIN KOT  on Concrete Forms
o Mix Ratio 11 to 1 — For Porous Surfaces
o Mix Ratio 15 to 1 — For Non-Porous Surfaces

o KLIN KOT gives you the ability to adjust your release agent to work best with the concrete mix design and type of forms that you are using. It is also safe for use on all form types including wood, aluminum and plastic.

Tips for Use

  • Based upon your results, you may adjust the ratio by adding more or less concentrate. The more concentrate that is added, the more reactive it will be. The less concentrate that is added, the less reactive it will be. Reducing the amount of concentrate will reduce the amount of dusting, if any, left behind.
  • For best results, remove as much of the previous form release as possible to eliminate any adverse reaction between KLIN KOT and the former release agent.
  • If your forms have fresh oil or other release agents already applied, you must cast off the previously applied form release agent prior to applying KLIN KOT .
  • KLIN KOT  must be re-applied to the forms after EACH use. It can be applied at any time by spraying the entire forming system while either setting up or tearing down the system.
  • Allow KLIN KOT to turn from white to clear on the face of the forming system prior to pouring concrete.
  • This product may also be applied to the backs of the forms to prevent splatters from sticking.

Step 1 %u2013 Determine Your Mix Ratio

  • Please see the above starting mix ratios. Ratios can be adjusted based upon your results. They may be adjusted up or down in one part increments to achieve optimum results.
  • NOTE: The more concentrate you add the thicker and more protective KLIN KOT will be.

Step 2 %u2013 Mixing

  • Using a clean container, add KLIN KOT and water to achieve the recommended ratio for your application. Adding KLIN KOT to water and then adding more water will eliminate the need for mixing. Do NOT mix with diesel, fuels or oils. Do NOT mix with other release agents.

Step 3 %u2013 Application

  • KLIN KOT  may be applied at any time. For best results, the application surface should be cleaned prior to application. Remove all other release agents before applying KLIN KOT .

Step 4 %u2013 Spraying

  • Spray on and then let change from white to clear before using the treated forms. If KLIN KOT freezes on the surface you are treating, it will still work. Reapply after every use.

Typical Coverage Rates

  • 1 gallon of mixed KLIN KOT will cover approx. 2000 square feet, depending on the surface type. Spray on for best performance and ease of application.


  • DO NOT switch back and forth between KLIN KOT  and other release agents due to incompatibility.
  • Once KLIN KOT has changed from white to clear, it will NOT wash off during rain. However, KLIN KOT can NOT be applied during rain because it will rinse off before the product changes from white to clear.
  • If the forms are new, you can season them with KLIN KOT just as you would with oil.
  • Proper vibration should be used to achieve the best surface finish. Please see our General Vibration Facts sheet for details.
  • In freezing weather, mix product as needed. Concentrate will not freeze however premix may freeze.

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