dvr Hydrogen Peroxide A.R.Grade

Colourless and Slightly viscous More then Water. Strong OXIDIZER.

Technical Specifications:
Physical State Liquid
Color clear, colorless
Odor slight acid odor
pH 3.3 (30% solution)
Vapor Pressure 23 mm Hg @ 30C
Vapor Density 1.10
Evaporation Rate >1.0 (Butyl acetate=1)
Viscosity 1.25 cP
Boiling Point 108 deg C @ 760 mmHg ( 226.40F)
Freezing/Melting Point -33 deg C ( -27.40F)
Decomposition Temperature Not available
Solubility in water Miscible in water
Specific Gravity/Density 1.1-1.2 (30-50%)
Molecular Formula H2O2
Molecular Weight 34.01



Pure hydrogen peroxide will explode if heated to boiling, will cause serious contact burns.

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