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pyridine-free reagents for determination of water content through Karl Fischer titration. Moisture and water can affect product quality, texture, shelf life, chemical stability and reactivity so water – mositure determination becomes very important factor in chemicals / Lab industries.


Karl Fischer titration is a universally accepted method for measuring water content in all types of substances, including

chemicals, oils, pharmaceuticals and food. In 1979, researcher Eugen Scholz improved Karl Fischer titration by replacing noxious pyridine with imidazole. This innovation became the foundation of HYDRANAL , the world%u2019s leading pyridine-free reagents

Using Procedure:

Karl Fischer titration. Since Dr. Scholz%u2019s pioneering research and with a spirit of ongoing product improvement, various reputed brand has launched a wide range of Karl Fischer reagents for both volumetric and coulometric titrations for nearly all types of samples.


RXSOL group  is a pioneer in the supply of safe, reliable and easy-to-use pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagents in various part of INDIA – Middle East

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