dvr Heavy Toilet Urinal Cleaner


Economical to use- Rapid Activity- Highly Concentrated- Dissolves Encrustation's, Scale, and Stains


This highly concentrated blend of detergents, inorganic acids, wetting agents, and rinse additives is specifically formulated to keep toilet bowls and urinals bright and sparkling clean.  Regular; maintenance use of this product will help to clean traps and lines, aiding in preventing clogs.  This product may be used to recondition badly soiled bowls and urinals or for use as a regular maintenance housekeeping product.  By removal of mineral scale, organic matter and stains from bowl and urinal surfaces, the source of offensive odors is eliminated.

NOTE:  This product is made for use on toilet bowls and urinals only.  Do not use on porcelain or enamel bathtubs or wash basins as etching will occur.  This product is a heavy duty cleaner hard water remover.  Contains 24% Hydrogen Chloride DIRECTIONS FOR CLEANING TOILET BOWLS:  For best results – remove as much water as possible.  Hold bottle of De-min 24over bowl and apply 2 to 4 ounces of De-min 24to applicator.  Swab entire surface of bowl especially under rim at water outlets.  Flush toilet and rinse applicator.

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