dvr Gypsum Remover

Gypsum Remover manufacturer and supplier in India – Middle East. RXSOL Gypsum remover is the most effective product with the solubilizing dissolving action of gypsum. Our formula is based on to dissolve high capacity of calcium and magnesium compound.

Technical Specifications:

Appearance: Clear liquid
pH (1% solution): 3.00±1.00
Specific gravity @ 25°C: 1.120±0.050


RXSOL Gypsum remover, Dissolves large quantities of gypsum lasts longer and save time and man power.

Gypsum remover and cleaning chemicals manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Surat, Gandhidham – Kandla, Navlakhi, Chennai – Ennore, Visakhapatnam – Gangavaram, Kolkata – Haldia, Fujairah – Dubai – Sharjah.

Using Procedure:

To clean a gypsum grout, you can dilute 1:2 to 1:4. While for a normal wash, this product has to be diluted 1:10. Before Cleaning. After cleaning of Gypsum final wash of entire hold can be completed through RX Tuff high foam alkaline cleaner which is not only resulting extra fine cleaning on hold but also neutralizing all residue chemicals present during wash through RXSOL-19-1495-210

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