dvr Glue / Adhesive for Carton Box

Designed for bonding and elastic effect, such as RUBER – PLASTIC materials. The product offers good resistance to many chemicals , Atmospheric changes including temperature and weather.

This glue adhesive  make Corrugated cardboard papper strong that resists Tearing, Splitting, and Bursting.

Usage of this Adhesives  and bonding applications that require tensile, shear and peal strength combined with maximum impact, stress, and shock resistance.  
No mix materials cure rapidly at room temperature to a weather-resistance bond. 
Ideal and suitable for many bonding paper for close fitting parts as well as large gap applications. 

New generation adhesive that offers PLASTIC POWERFULL strength , Solvent resistant. Cures in minutes. 
Specially formulated for toughness and impact strength.
Forms flexible bonds on gaps up to 0.40′. 
Designed for severe environments and temperatures at 350F
can be use as An all-purpose bonder. A structural adhesive that offers strength 

Can be use as General Purpose for bonding plastics and composites.
Its Plastic properties Toughened and impact resistance. Fixtures in 15 minutes.
A non-sag gel with minimal odor. Acid free. 
This ELASTIC, non-sag gel adhesive provides excellent bond strength in between two. Excellent peel strength

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