dvr General Purpose Cleaning Solvent

This is a multipurpose  product  specialy formulated to remove grime, dirt, and oily deposits from concrete, steel, and wooden decks. THis cleaner specialy formulated  to attack, penetrate and remove oil, dirt, dust, stains and organic deposits from large and small surface areas. It is an innovative, water soluble, biodegradable liquid product, pH buffered, formulated with strong wetting and cleaning agents. 

  • Ideal for deck and concrete preparation and maintenance
  • Cleans and degreases decks, concrete and more


After USING this product , For BRIGHTNING of FLOOR use DECK BRIGHTNER  RXSOL-13-1015-020  ( )

Technical Specifications:

GENERAL CLEANING AND SOLVENT is a concentrated, biodegradable water soluble liquid 

Free from caustic / Alkali based materials, While general Deck cleaners are typically made up of caustics soaps that will aid in the scrubbing or pressure washing of your wood during the prepping process. 

pH Balance 
it is non%u2013flammable 
corrosive and non%u2013toxic. 


Appearance/Color  ::: Clear,colorlessliquid 
Specific gravity  ::: 1.00 gr/cmat 15°C 
Flash Point  ::: None
pH ::: 7%u20138
Odor ::: mild, characteristic odor 


The main purpose of this solvent cleaners is to remove contaminants such as dirt, oxidation (graying), mold, algae, and in some cases, a very deteriorated stain that has failed.
Note: Deck cleaners are not designed to remove old stains. You would need a deck stain stripper for this.

%u2022Suitable for a wide range of industrial and marine cleaning applications such as toilets, bathing rooms, windows, floors, carpets, storage rooms, crew accommodations, etc.

%u2022Safe to use, even with bear hands, acts quickly and efficiently.

%u2022 Can be used with a wide range of other products.
%u2022A water base product where no drying time is required.

%u2022Non-flammable, pH buffered, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

%u2022Eliminator bad odor with its strong but pleasant scent.

%u2022Has biocide properties and can be easily rinsed with water.

%u2022Completely biodegradable.
%u2022100% soluble in fresh or seawater.
%u2022Cleans thoroughly leaving no films or stains behind.

%u2022Cost effective, easy to handle and apply. 

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