dvr General Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

General Purpose Cleaner provides maximum regulatory compliance without performance compromises. It is best for applications that will not allow butyl, but demand performance and versatility. Formulated with a special polymer that keeps dirt and greasy soils from returning to surfaces. General Purpose Cleaner even approaches the cleaning performance of many aqueous cleaners containing butyl. 

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A concentrated general purpose cleaner for use on all surfaces not harmd by water. Cleans floors, procelain, leather, pastic,stainless steel, aluminium surface, and appliances. Dilute before using.


It is strong enough to attack and remove tough dirt, dust and grime deposits. Yet its moderate pH formula, biodegradability and zero VOC content make it versatile and safe enough to use daily for all your cleaning tasks. General Purpose Cleaner is non-corrosive (pH < 11.0), biodegradable, concentrated, nonabrasive, safe on most plastics, non-flammable, industrial strength, non-ozone depleting, floor wax safe (when diluted). Contains no phosphates, ammonia or bleach, and is NSF registered category code A1 for use in federally inspected meat & poultry plants.


NSF Registration# 138267, Category Code A1, for use in meat and poultry plants.


Concentrated Solution is a biodegradable, caustic-free alkaline cleaner formulated for heavy duty industrial use. It removes oils and a variety of soils from surface. Compatible with aluminum and aluminum alloys as well as copper, brass, and steel substrates. It is particularly effective for removing fabricating oils, cutting oils, and polishing oils.

Using Procedure:


Use full strength or dilute with water.
Before applying, pre-test on a hidden section of surface to be cleaned for color fastness and surface integrity.
Soak, pre-wash, sponge or apply directly to pre-tested surface.
Allow General Purpose Cleaner to penetrate the soil.
Wipe or rinse clean with water or a damp sponge.
FOR HEAVY DUTY DEGREASING WHERE BUTYL IS ALLOWED: CRC recommends the use of Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser or  All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser.


RXSOL-10-1701 Solution is mixed easily with cold or hot water in a concentration of 7-10% by volume. RXSOL-10-1701 Solution can be used over a temperature range from 130°F to 180°F (82°C) in suitable commercial and industrial cleaning tanks.
For optimum cleaning, RXSOL-10-1701 should be operated at recommended temperatures. Cleaning time is directly depends  by the quantity and nature of the soil. Operating RXSOL-10-1701 below the recommended concentrations, temperatures, or time will generally result in poor cleaner performance, characterized by cloudiness and water breaks. Operating RXSOL-10-1701 above the recommended parameters may be lead to component metal attack or cause the surfactants to separate from the solution causing poor cleaning. It is imperative that the solution be allowed to ‘degas’ at operating temperature for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to placing the parts into the cleaning solution. It is best if ultrasonic energy is applied during this time to enhance degassing. Thorough rinsing is suggested for removal of cleaning solution. As with any process involving water, drying should be considered as the final step. The selection and use of the proper ultrasonic cleaning equipment and component fixturing will influence the cleaning efficiency and performance of RXSOL-10-1701

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