dvr General greasing

General greasing

Choose from the wide range of industrial lubricants that Brugarolas makes available to you.

From its most conventional lubricants to the lubricants used for the most demanding gearings.

Oils for the food industry, oils for compressors or oils for guides or chains.

Request more information if you need an oil not like what is found in our catalogue.

Product Available viscosities Features and applications
Series R
SAE 10,20,30,40 Multi-use lubricant for mechanisms, reduction units and low-pressure oil-dynamic circuits.
DENSOLINA ISO 46,68,100,150 Multi-use lubricant with improved additive anti-foam properties, and corrosion inhibitors. Low and medium pressure.
DENSOLINA VAC ISO 32 Refined mineral base oil specially indicated for use in vacuum pumps.
BESLUX MULTUS ISO 2, 5,10,22 Oil for heads, (spindle oil), broaching axles and general high-speed axles.
Consult availabilities
certificación NSF H-1
White oils with medicinal and food certifications. For use in food industry as lubricant oil in processing machinery.

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