dvr Gasoil Kerosine / Gasoline Cleaner


Gasoil,Kerosine,Gasoline (Cleaning Procedure) 

1.  Butterworth the tanks 1 hours with seawater or freshwater of cold to
     moderatetemperature (flashpoint).

  • Gas oil approx. 50/55°C
  • Kerosene approx. 30/40°C
  • Gasoline cold

2. Butterworth the tanks 1 hour with hot seawater or freshwater (60°C)
3. Prepare the following cleaning solution in freshwater or seawater:0.4 % RXSOL
    CTC-VOLC Butterworth the tank 1 hour by recirculation with a temperature of
    approx 60°C. The necessary temperature can be achieved/maintained by means
    of heating coils, or going via the Butterworth heater. Depending on the amount of
    cargo residues the solution can be used for 1 to 3 tanks.
4. Butterworth the tank for 0.5 hours with hot fresh water.
5. Ventilate, mop and dry the tank.

  • Instead of recirculation cleaning the RXSOL CTC-VOLC can be as well injected into the Butterworth system (see cleaning method 3).

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