dvr Gamabreak

Water-in-Fuel Emulsion Breaker

Product Description

Gamabreak rapidly breaks water-in-oil emulsions in all grades of fuel. It assists water removal in the settling tank and fuel centrifuges.

Product Properties

Gamabreak breaks water-in-oil emulsions by lowering the surface tension between the two phases. It is insoluble in water and remains effective even after the water has been removed. Powerful dispersants combat existing sludge formations while homogenizing the fuel to prevent new sludge from being formed. Centrifugal separation of catalyst fines is improved, reducing abrasion damage. The homogenizing action of Gamabreak keeps heavy fuel particles in suspension, therefore fuel filters block less frequently, tanks and lines remain cleaner, and in general, fuel systems maintenance is minimized. Consequently, a greater proportion of supplied fuel is available for combustion.

Technical Specifications:

Product Properties:-


Yellow liquid

DENSITY in g/cm3 at 15°C:



Above 61




No known effect


May swell

Synthetic rubber:

May swell

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