dvr G 50 Marine 25 Ltrs

A very strong alkaline cleaner, which can be used to soften up / remove baked on drying oils and also used after animal and vegetable oils, fish oils, tall oils, tung oil etc.  It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily  matter.It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents , Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials.

Technical Specifications:


Phys. Properties:
Spec. gravity :
Cold stability :
Foam formation :
Solubility in H2O :

yellow liquid
1.2 kg/l
slightly foaming product
good in any concentration


 .Avoid contact with eyes
· Avoid contact with skin
· In case of irritation rinse with plenty of water

Using Procedure:

First of all flush the system with cold water to prevent evaporation rates and polymerization then the most economical method of using RXSOL-G 50 Marine is by direct injection followed by recirculation washing, using tank cleaning machines. Spraying Method  – Using RXSOL-G 50 Marine as delivered in drums. Make the solution 0.5 to 5% concentration and  spray onto areas where residue remains following rough washing leave for 10-45 minutes (but do not allow to dry), then butterworth at maximum pressure and warm water 60oC for at least 3 hours, checking that there is no foam remaining in the final stages.  Inspects tanks and if desired result has been achieved fresh water rinse and dry.



Feature and Benefit

· Liquid water based strong alkaline cleaning agent.
· Rxsol G 50 Marine  is a very suitable tank cleaning agent.
· Removes oil, fats, fatty acids and mineral pollution.
· Suitable to use on additives (pure).
· Also used on chemical contamination in tanks.
· Suitable on ferro metals and stainless steel.
· Rxsol G 50 Marine is easily washed out of tanks.
· Can be used with sea water
· Rxsol G 50 Marine  contains a water-hardness stabiliser

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