dvr Fuel Care Treat 25 Ltr

It is a super additive to maintain homogenious dispersion of FUEL oil BLEND .Its chemical reaction improves water separation in tanks and separators,  which prevents SLUDGE formation . It is very usefull product to avoid sludge formation  and effectively increase combustion efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

Flash Point PM CC                              : approx. 80 0C

Specific Gravity (200C)                       : approx. 0.9

IMO Code                                             : 9-3082-T310

Using Procedure:

Dosing rate varies as per bunker and engine / Boiler system structure….
RATIO : 1:1000 – 3000 ( 1 Ltr / 1-3 MT )  :  dosage rate based on specific problems and requirements can be exceed up to 1:1000, 1:6000 and  1:12000

Dose can be made with  metering pump, otherwise and additive may be dosed directly to the  bunker tanks.

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