dvr Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx

Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx  is a water-based fluorescent tracer dye that meets the minimum biodegradation requirements, removing the need for a substitution warning unlike the standard fluorescein leak tracing dyes. Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx  provides a fluorescent colour which is visible to the naked eye and can be detected subsea by cameras, fluorimeters calibrated to the appropriate excitation / detection wavelength
Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx  is lower in toxicity towards operatives and marine organisms than other leak testing dyes, such as Rhodamine and is non-hazardous for supply and transportation.It is compatible with Rxsol Hydrotech 367 Rx corrosion inhibitors and oxygen scavengers.

Technical Specifications:
Appearance  Liquid
Colour  Brown
Solubility Soluble In Water.
Melting Point  0 °C
Relative Density  1.0-1.07 @ 20c
Ph-Value, Conc. 9-10
Viscosity  <5 Cps @ 20degc
Using Procedure:

Normal dose for application is approximately 100 ppm. Rx Marine  can not stipulate an exact dose for Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx . This is due to the strength of colour required being determined by a number of scenarios e.g. style and sensitivity of detection apparatus, sea bed depth and tidal currents. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the dye must not be dosed at below 100ppm for visual detection.
Detection of Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx has been proven using the  Leak Detection Systems.


Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx   is a commonly used dye for hydro test operations .Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx   is a brown liquid which produces a red / pink solution once diluted in water. The solution then produces an orange fluorescence when excited with a blue or green light. For subsea detection of Fluorescein Liquid Dye Rx, an optimum excitation wavelength  should be used.

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