dvr Floor Stripper Ultra Blue Concentrate

Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate  is a super powerful easy-to-use soap-free cleaner and stripper specially conceived to strip metallic or urethane floor finish. Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate  quickly penetrates to emulsify floor finish. It is a biodegradable ultra concentrated floor remover with little foaming and doesn%u2019t contain ammonia. Otherwise, it can be use as a very powerful degreaser.

Versatile cleaner virtually anything hard or porous surfaces.

Any hard surface which is waxed or sealed – including Epoxy, Urethane & VCT – will stay cleaner and dust-free longer when simply wiped down and maintained using Multi-Surface RXSOL-13-1654-010. 

Technical Specifications:


              pH (as is)


Density (20°C) 1.01 %u2013 1.02 g/cc
Colour Green / BLUE
Fragrance None
Characteristic Corrosive, Poison
Biodegradability Complete
Flash Point More than 95°C
Freezing Stability More than 95°C

1. It is biodegradable, phosphate and ammonia free and doesn%u2019t contain dangerous caustic agents.
2. Dissolves easily floor finish, grease and filth of all kind.
3. Penetrates very quickly in order to save time.
4. Ultra concentrated floor remover with little foaming.


Hard or Soft Materials including Glass, Mirrors, Electronics, Diamonds, Jewelry, Polished Metals, Stainless Steel, Clear Coats, Fiberglass, Plastics, Acrylics, Hone and Polished Stone and Concrete, Tile, Sealed Wood, Epoxy, Urethane, Rubber, Plastic Matts – Anything. 

Using Procedure:


1. Dilute Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate  in warm water along with recommended dilutions.
2. Allow to penetrate 3 to 5 minutes.
3. The use of an automatic stripper or a scraper may be necessary.
4. Suck up the emulsion with a mop or a water vacuum.
5. Neutralize, rinse with cold water and dry well the floor.

Dilutions rates recommended
Large Build-up:            1 : 4 water parts.
Medium Build-up:        1 : 6 water parts.
Light Build-up:             1 : 8 water parts.
Automatic machine:    1 : 8 water parts.

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