dvr Engine Water Treatment DEWT

Nitrite based closed circuit inhibitor 1000ppm at 1.00%

RXSOL LIQUID EWT  is a high performance nitrite based closed circuit inhibitor with indicator. Nitrite > 1000ppm at 1.00%.It is multi-functional corrosion inhibitor for protecting recirculating cooling and heating water systems. RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment is an excellent treatment for diesel engine primary and secondary cooling water. It is also ideally suited for use in chilled water systems because it forms a clear, non-staining solution, which protects the system from corrosion and hard water scale. 

Technical Specifications:
Appearance : Light yellow liquid
Specific Gravity at 25° C (77° F) : 1.23
Flash Point (PMCC) :


Liquid :

Easy to dose, Cost effective

pH, Neat   12.3 – 12.9 Stabilizes cooling water pH
Freeze Point: : -12.2° C (10° F)
Freeze/Thaw Stability   Complete

RXSOL LIQUID EWT is very usefull For Maintaining Nitrate In M/E,A/E & Compressor  Fresh Water Cooling System.

RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment is an effective corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals in marine circulating cooling water systems. Because certain aluminum alloys are highly anodic, they may be difficult to completely protect. Therefore, the use of RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment with systems containing aluminum alloys should be discussed with a local Rxmarine Marine representative prior to starting treatment. In order to ensure the maximum benefits from a RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment program, the system should be inspected for deposits and corrosion. If the system is found to be contaminated, it must be chemically cleaned before the treatment program begins. Your Rx Marine representative can provide specific cleaning recommendations. Sacrificial anodes (magnesium or zinc) in the cooling system should be removed prior to adding RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment. These materials are not necessary with the complete chemical program in effect and, in fact, may cause undesirable deposits in circulating water systems.

Using Procedure:

The system should be filled with good quality fresh or distilled water and where freeze protection is necessary, the proper amount of glycol-based antifreeze should be added. Begin circulating the system water, and add RXSOL LIQUID EWT cooling water treatment at an initial dosage of 8 liters per ton of system water capacity. Circulate for 30 minutes after addition to ensure good distribution and the establishment of a protective film. RXSOL LIQUID EWT cooling water treatment may be used with waters that have hardness contamination, provided the total hardness levels are less than 170 ppm or as otherwise recommended by the engine manufacturer, whichever is less. The chloride level in the cooling system should be limited to 100 ppm or as otherwise recommended by the engine manufacturer, whichever is less.



Features : Benefits
Effective Corrosion Inhibitor : Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals Minimizes metal oxide deposits
Contains a scale modifier :

Maintains heat transfer effectiveness Helps prevent overheating caused by sludge and mineral scale deposits

Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs

Liquid :

Easy to dose

Cost effective

Buffered   Stabilizes cooling water pH

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