dvr Electrosol Plus Low Evaporation Rate

A well balanced blend of non-chlorinated degresol ( Having super Degreasing power ) with surfactants which eliminates  Quick evaporation rate and resulting  for Cleaningand Degreasing  of electrical equipment.It provides immediate and efficient removal with a high evaporation rate.

Technical Specifications:
Product Properties     
Appearance  Clear  Colourless Liquid Vapor Density : Heavier than air
Flash Point

63°C (Closed Cup)

Stability : Very stable understandard,.normalconditions




No known effect
No Known effect
May swell

Note: After use the product must always be well sealed in the drum.

Packaging  Order No Size (in kgs./lts.)


7/25   Lts


RXSOL-16-1077-025 must be used in open or  sufficiently ventilated areas.  RXSOL-16-1077-025 should always be used concentrate (without mixing with other solvent.) For best results apply with either by brush, swab, or as  a fine spray using suitable hand held spray  equipment. Small components may be cleaned by brief immersion in a bath of RXSOL-16-1077-025 .  Never use RXSOL-16-1077-025  on a running generator or motor.  RXSOL-16-1077-025 can be used to clean virtually all electrical equipment  & components although  is it possible it may affect some types of rubber &  plastic . Either  remove  rubber  &  plastic  parts  from  component  or test on small area for any reaction before cleaning.


Characteristics ;

  • High dissolving and penetration action.
  • Excellent degreasing and emulsification power .
  • Safe on applied electrical insulation.
  • Non-corrosive .It is safe to use on painted or varnished metal surfaces.
  • Without chlorinated solvents.
  • To be used as an alternative to conventional electric cleaners               



Concentration Product no.


95 – 98 % 

ELECTROSOL Q.D.(QUICK DRY) 93 – 98%  RXSOL-16-1009-025
ELECTROSOL %u2013 Non Flamable 97 – 99 % 



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