dvr Drilling Liquid Synergistic Polymer

It is a specially formulated synergistic polymer blend of water-soluble polymeric compounds and sulfonated lignite. It is specifically designed to work at elevated temperatures and pressure of deep boreholes, for filtration and rheological control applications, i.e., HTHP functions.

It is applicable in most water base drilling fluids, is tolerant of salt and Ca contaminations and is useful in heavily weighted systems. It controls HTHP water loss while stabilizing rheology and maintaining low to moderate gel strength. It has excellent thermal stability of above 200°C.

Technical Specifications:



Clear Liquid

Solubility in water (% by weight)



8.8 -9.5

Thermal Stability




  •     It does not increase the viscosity of the drilling fluid and can be used in the presence of contaminants.
  •     Reduces fluid losses in all mud density ranges.
  •     High temperature stability than starches or CMC and other Polymers.
  •     Aids in providing shale stabilization.
  •     Extends Filtration Control.
  •     Improves Filter cake Quality and reduces wall Sticking Tendencies.
  •     Stabilizes rheological properties.

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