dvr Dish Wash L.Foam Antibacterial

Dish Wash HD Antibacterial  is a powerful 2 in 1 ultra concentrated superior quality product. Not only it cleans efficiently your dishes, but it is also an excellent hand cleaner or a multipurpose household cleaner. It produces a rich and abundant lather while leaving your dishes sparkling clean and your hands soft. It is so mild that it cleans and refresh all your most delicate washable fabrics. It gently cleans smooth leathers, vinyl, all painted (automobile) or non-painted surfaces. Powerful enough to wash doors, walls, tiles, wood surfaces or linoleum, it will make your windows and mirrors shine.

Technical Specifications:
pH (as is) 8.0 %u2013 8.5
Density (20°C) 1.04 g/cc
Colour Orange
Fragrance Discrete citrus
Characteristic None
Biodegradability Complete
Flash Point More than 95°C
Freezing Stability Keep out from freezing
Degradability determined in accordance with OECD no .301D  

Use 28ml. – 1 oz of detergent in 5 litres of hot water along with the importance of the greasiness. It is better to pour at firstthe detergent in the washing bowl, and then add the hot water from the faucet to mix the detergent, that will form an abundant lather instantaneously. Rinse the dish with clear water.

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