dvr Disc Separator Cleaner HD 25 Ltrs

It is a heavy duty liquid blend of organic compounds with concentrated emulsifying agents. RXSOL-16-1046-020  is a liquid blend of organic solvent with heavy duty & concentrated emulsifying agents . An extremely effective for removal of burnt grease , carbon deposit , oily residues and lacquers found in fuel oil and lube oil purifiers and filters


It is effectively removes tenacious carbon deposits, burnt grease, Oily residues and lacquers from Disc / Disc stacks of centrifugal separators , Extremely effective for removal of found in fuel oil and lube oil purifiers, filters, separators.

·Formulated to remove heavy tenacious deposits.
·Allows cleaning of discs without dismantling of disc stacks.
·Reduces downtime.
·Improves efficiency of centrifuge installation.
·Cleans down to metal surfaces.
·Cleans all types of separator discs

Using Procedure:

Should be diluted ,at the rate of 1-parts RXSOL-16-1046-020  to 5-parts water,( Or 1:1 ratio of any solvent like diesel ) before use or depend on nature of dirt / contamination  RXSOL-16-1046-020  may be used directly. At 50 to 60°C for best result apply higher concentration for 15 min. to  3 hours.After the unit or parts have been satisfactorily cleaned, they should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water. It is recommended that this product is not used on soft metal, Zinc,Tin, Galvanized surfaces or Anodized Aluminium.

Recirculation  and  heating will improves the cleaning action.

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