dvr Detergent Paste MILK solubilizer

This is specially formulated for use in food product factories. This is ecofriendly, environment friendly and biodegradable product to be used by workers for proper cleaning of milk cans, storage tank & cleaning for oily and greases surface etc.

Technical Specifications:



: Paste


: White


: Odorless / Perfumed


: Soluble in water


: 9.5 – 10.0 


: Not Flammable

Flash Point

: NA

Boiling Point

:115 ºC

Using Procedure:

This is concentrate product and easly soluble in water. Make the solution as below according to use –

Prepare and rinsing off with HOT water.

  • For general oily greases surface – dilute 100 gm paste in 1 Ltr water.
  • For heavy oily greases surface – dilute 200 gm paste in 1 Ltr water & use as your requirement.
  • For oily greases hand – use directly or diluted.
  • For Milk can – dialute 100 grams paste in 4 ltrs water.
  • For home kitchen dilute 100 grams paste in 5 ltrs water.
  • For Hotel kitchen, grill, oven – dilute 100 grams in 2 ltrs water.

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