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RXSOL-16-1501-210 is a superior quality exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter & having good foaming qualities. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents,Biodegradable. 

Formulated to cut greasy stains in a wide range of conditions including hard water. And Soft and mild on the hands. And its cleaning action is better then soap as it is less affected by hard water.

Technical Specifications:


Appearance Pale yellow liquid  
Density In g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.01-1.10  
Compatibility Metal No known effect  
Rubber No known effect  
pH 6.5-8.5  
PACKAGING RXSOL-16-1501-210 Size (in Litres) 210

Liquid Detergent  (RXSOL-16-1501-210)

The wash down begins, the chemicals penetrates & thoroughly moistens dirt & other grime. During wash down, the RXSOL-12-1501-210 thoroughly dissolves the particles of dirt, even oil and fat, in the water spray and thus achieves optimal cleaning results. In addition to being more effective, the use of RXSOL-16-1501-210 substantially reduces the time required for the Cleaning operation, as well as preventing dirt from reforming on the surface. The use of RXSOL-16-1501-210 in correct dosages is half the job done.


Using Procedure:

Application :

RXSOL-16-1501-210 can be used for all types of cleaning & degreasing & may be applied by Brush, Hand spray, high and low pressure washing machines etc.Time necessary for cleaning depends on the nature and thickness of the deposits. 20-30 min.will sufficent for most applications.Hardened,carbonised or aged deposits may require up to 4 hours.

Note: Whenever possible,the cleaning solution should be heated to 60-80°C.If this method is not possible,other conventional methods such as separate rate direct injection,recirulation or hand spraying provide acceptable options. For deposits which are very hard to remove, increase the concentration to 50% and repeat if necessary. 


Many other ingredients are added to modify the foaming properties of the product by either stabilizing or counteracting foam. And its Corrosion inhibitors counteract damage to washing equipment. ‘Dye transfer inhibitors’ prevent dyes from one article from colouring other items. ‘Antiredeposition agents’ are used to prevent fine soil particles from reattaching to the product being cleaned. Carboxymethyl cellulose is used for this purpose.

This detergent also include optical brighteners, fabric softeners, and colourants, perfumes component being cyclohexyl salicylate, which is related to oil of wintergreen.



%u2022 Removes grease, oil, carbon deposits, soil and grime.
%u2022 Keeps loosened deposits in suspension preventing re-deposition.
%u2022 Low toxic.
%u2022 Biodegradable.
%u2022 Non-flammable.
%u2022 Free from hydrocarbon solvents.
%u2022 Effective and economical in use
%u2022 Water-based cleaner.
%u2022 RXSOL-16-1501-210 has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, oil, sludge, soot, carbon deposits and general dirt and grime.
%u2022 Non-corrosive to ferrous metals.
%u2022 Suitable for all tank-coatings.
%u2022 Can be used for gas and hydrocarbon freeing of tanks.
%u2022 Can be used for deodorizing
%u2022 Contains wetting agents.
%u2022 Leaves surfaces residue free. Page 2 of 3 : 3 :
%u2022 Acceptable for use in food areas.
%u2022 Suitable for accommodation cleaning of woodwork, leather, desks, etc.
%u2022 Suitable for cleaning of toilets and showers.
%u2022 Suitable for cleaning of reefer boxes.
%u2022 Can be used for cleaning of windows and portholes.
%u2022 Can be used for cleaning of dishes.
%u2022 Can be used for cleaning of hospitals.
%u2022 Can be used for hand laundry cleaning.

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