dvr Descaling Scalefoe Compound

RXSOL-16-1008-060 Descaling Scalefoe Compound is a liquid acid containing descaling accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors and wetting agents with acidic Polymer.

Do not use concentrated 1008 on aluminium surfaces

Uniqueness of 1008 :: —
Descaling Scalefoe Compound has the ability to dissolve approximately 1.5kg of calcium carbonate scale per gallon in concentrated form. It does not need to be heated up during cleaning. The uniqueness of this Descaler allows you to clean some equipment while still in operation utilizing a minimum of your own personnel.


When the amount of scales increases, the contact area of scale and cleaner is very small and a longer time of dissolution is required. * Calcium sulfate cannot be dissolved by an acid cleaner.

RXSOL-16-1008-060 is a powerful dissolving agent of calcium carbonate. Therefore, it is better to use RXSOL-16-1008-060 to do circulating cleaning at an early stage before the scales build up and block the tube, or regular cleaning is recommended as well. It is impossible to do a circulating cleaning when the tube is completely blocked.

* Calcium sulfate is easier to be formed when the temperature goes higher.

Technical Specifications:


%u2022 Automotive – Closed Circuit Cooling, Dynamometers, Extruders, Molders, Radiators, Welders

%u2022 Bottling – CO2 Generators, Heaters, Exchangers, Rinse Tanks, Sterilizers, Washers

. HOUSE HOLDDissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from your appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost. It can be used in appliances such as Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Geysers, Steam Iron, Coffee Makers, Bath Tubs, Bathroom Fixtures etc.

%u2022 Buildings – Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pipework

%u2022 Chemicals – Dryers, Extruders, Kettles, Mixers, Reactors, Scrubbers, Vacuum Pumps

%u2022 Food – Condensers, Ice Machines, Kathabars, Refrigeration Equipment, Steam Tables

%u2022 Manufacturing – Chillers, Compressors, Furnaces, Quenchers, Vacuum Pumps

%u2022 Metals – Bearings, Castings, Fans, Hearth & Vacuum Furnaces, Shelters, Sprays

%u2022 Mining – Bearings, Conveyors, Filters, Presses, Process Lines, Radiators

%u2022 Paper– Calendar Mill Rolls, Caustic Lines, Scrubbers, Compressors, Liquor Tanks, Pulverizers, Vacuum Pumps

%u2022 Pharmaceutical– Exchangers, Loop Systems, Kathabars, Pumps, Reactors, Stills, Sterilizers

%u2022 Refinery – Compressors, Converters, Crackers, Exchangers, Piping, Pumps

%u2022 Rubber/Plastics – Banbury Mixers, Calendar & Mill Rolls, Extruders, Injection Molders, Molds, Temperature Control Units, Throat Coolers, Towers, Tubers

%u2022 Steel – Bearings, ConCast Units, Generators, Hearths, Spangle Units, Furnaces

%u2022 Textile – Air Washers,Compressors, Condensers, Exchangers, Extruders,Towers





Heat Exchangers

Kettles & Tanks




Steam Jackets

Bath Rooms and Showers

Metal Processing and much more!







  – Closed Circuit Cooling

  – Dynamometers

  – Extruders

  – Molders

  – Radiators

  – Welders

  – CO2 Generators

  – Heaters

  – Exchangers

  – Rinse Tanks

  – Sterilizers and Washers

  – Dryers

  – Extruders

  – Kettles

  – Mixers

  – Reactors

  – Scrubbers

  – Vacuum Pumps

  – Condensers

  – Ice Machines

  – Kathabars

  – Refrigeration Equipment

  – Steam Tables





  – Chillers

  – Compressors

  – Furnaces

  – Quenchers

  – Vacuum Pumps

  – Bearings

  – Conveyors

  – Fans

  – Hearth & Vacuum Furnaces

  – Shelters

  – Sprays

  – Bearings

  – Conveyors

  – Filters

  – Presses

  – Process Lines

  – Radiators

  – Calendar Rolls

  – Mill Rolls

  – Caustic Lines

  – Scrubbers

  – Compressors

  – Liquor Tanks

  – Pulverizers

  – Vacuum Pumps



  Rubber & Plastics


  – Exchangers

  – Loop Systems

  – Kathabars

  – Pumps

  – Reactors

  – Stills

  – Sterilizers

  – Compressors

  – Converters

  – Crackers

  – Exchangers

  – Piping

  – Pumps

  – Banbury Mixers

  – Calendar & Mill Rolls

  – Extruders

  – Injection Molders

  – Molds

  – Temperature Control – Units

  – Throat Coolers

  – Towers and Tubers


  ConCast Units



  Spangle Units




  Other Applications


  – Air Washers

  – Compressors

  – Condensers

  – Exchangers

  – Extruders and Towers

  – Boilers

  – Turbines

  – Transformers

  – Cooling Towers

  – Air Compressors

  – Hydrogen Coolers

  – Lube Oil Heat Exchangers

  – Ball Mills

  – Demisters

  – Evaporators

  – Locomotives

  – Absorption Units

  – Diesel Generators

  – Induction Furnaces




For Boilers, Condensers, etc


RXSOL-16-1008-060 protects efficiency of work in boilers as well where the scales are comparatively harder. Temperature of solution, while removing scales in boilers, is raised up to 70 c and the solution is circulated for 12 to 36 hours depending upon the hardness of the scales. Brushing with an iron brush gives better results in getting rid of hard scales.  ( Refer below TIPS for CLEANING )



In Melting Industry


RXSOL-16-1008-060 is often the automatic choice to do away with the scales from coils, cables, cooling jackets, heat exchangers or linings in steel plants. The usage of RXSOL-16-1008-060 in furnaces and steel Plants simply involves consistent circulation for 3 to 4 hour only, at room temperature.

Features, Benefits and Applications

  • Unlimited shelf life.
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • Fast and effective scale remover.
  • Removes scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers,Rediator etc.
  • Removes water scale from boilers.
Using Procedure:

The most effective RXSOL-16-1008-060 ,Descaling Liquid – II is accomplished by circulation for large systems or components. In the case of small components, the soak method in an immersion bath can be used.

If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease, sludge or carbonised oil, then pre-cleaning with Rxsol-20-2002-SC or Rxsol-10-1006-SB is necessary.

Rxsol-16-1008 should alway be used in plastic bucket. RXSOL-16-1008-060 should always be added in , never add water in RXSOL-16-1008-060.

RXSOL-16-1008-060 dilute with fresh water as 5-30%,  solution depending on scale.Make a circulation system so as to allow the solution to enter through the lowest point and leave through the highest point of the equipment, which is to be descaled.
Fill up the whole system with the solution and circulate through a centrifugal pump.
At the initial stages, pH of the solution is generally at 2 to 3 there is increase in the pH of the solution, during reaction. The increase in the pH of the solution during circulation reflects on going reaction. Add more quantity of RXSOL-16-1008-060 and continue circulation, in case of the pH level being 4.5 to 5.  If circulation of system shows constant pH 2 to 3 after time confirms the completion of the process of descaling.

The process of descaling is checked by a periodical pH testing of the solution.

For silica scales and very hard scales, power and liquid forms of RXSOL-11-1102-025 is recommended.

For the prevention of further scaling in melting industry, RXSOL-16-1056-025 is recommended.


NOTE : After using RXSOL-16-1008-060 ( After completion of descaling ) rinse all equipment and metal surfaces at least one time with a 0.5% solution of RXSOL-20-2059-025 in fresh water. This solution should be circulated for 2-4 hours or until pH value comes 6-7. This will neutralize any remaining acid and passivate steel surfaces.




Pale yellow or Brown Liquid



Density, in g/cm3 at 15°C:




Flash Point, (PMCC) in °C:




pH, in conc:

< 1.5








Contains corrosion inhibitors, Polymer




No known effect.



Synthetic rubber:

May swell.




Product no:

Size (in litres):






Why Use RXSOL Descaler?

  • It is a safe , economical concentrated  chemical to be used on the waterside of heat transfer equipment.
  • You do not have to heat RXSOL 1008 .
    RXSOL 1008  is safer for the employees to use than other acid products.
  • Your equipment will be cleaned in only hours without disassembling any part of the equipment. Equipment can also be cleaned without any down time (cleaning on the run).

  •  Cleans down to the original surface without pitting.
  •  RXSOL 1008 is safe on copper, copper-nickel, bronze, brass, iron, stainless steel and rubber.
  •  RXSOL 1008  will extend the usable life of your equipment, especially when used as a part of a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program.
  •  Removing the scale build up allows your equipment to operate more efficiently with less down time.

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