dvr Demineralised Water

Extremely high quality. It is produced by means specialist piece of equipment to produce it called a demineralisation plant or a deionisation plant. After completion of chemical treatment .

The incoming water passes over a series of SPECIALIZED RESIN BEADS which remove mineral ions and other impurities from the water. This is why Demineralised Water is also known as Deionised Water; the process removes minerals and ions leaving water which is de-mineralised or de-ionised. Demineralised Water is also known as Demin Water, DI Water and DIW.

Technical Specifications:

Demineralised Water  
Conductivity : < 10.0 Micromohms/cm.
TDS : 3 %u2013 4 PPM
Hardness %u2013 Nil ,
Chloride %u2013 Nil,
Total Alkalinity : 5- 6 PPM



This type of water is routinely used for:-

  • Laboratory applications such as autoclaves and laboratory testing
  • Automotive cooling systems
  • %u2018Lead-acid%u2019 type vehicle batteries
  • Laser cutting
  • Steam irons
  • Aquariums
  • Humidifiers
  • Cosmetics (where the word %u2018aqua%u2019 appears on an ingredients list it often refers to Demineralised Water)
  • Fine-mist fire-fighting equipment
  • Aircraft engine cooling systems
  • The final rinse of car and window washing systems as it leaves no smears

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