dvr Degreaser Low Foam, Floor Cleaner

Heavy Duty Powerful multi cleaner to attacks on all dirt and grime including petroleum oils, greases. Perfect for cleaning concrete floors, toilets and barbecues.

This product is a truly all-purpose concentrated detergent for use on every surface not harmed by water.  This scrubber floor cleaner has controlled siding action that quickly removes dirt, grease and grime,leaving the surface film-free.  Excellent for use in automatic scrubbing machines.  This floor cleaner is non-corrosive and non-flammable. This low foam floor cleaner is a synergistic blend of surfactants along with special sequesterants and emulsifiers. 

The high quality of detergent builders in this ride on scrubber floor soap keep soil suspended for easy pickup by machine vacuums or when used with a wet mop.Its superior soil penetration and retention allows it to be used at very low cost per gallon use dilutions.  This product may be used with hard or soft water.  APC-10 is a great large warehouse floor cleaning solution.   


Fast Acting %u2013 Free Rinsing %u2013 Highly Concentrated %u2013 Pleasant Fragrance


Use dilutions:- are as follows.  Heavy soil – dilute 1 part concentrate with 55 parts water.  Medium soil -1 part concentrate with 84 parts water.  Light soil – 1 part concentrate with 168 parts water.  This product is authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.  Classification A-4 as a wall and floor cleaner for use in all departments. Do not use this product on waxed floors, the degreasing and cleaning quality of this product will dull or remove wax.  We recommend using this product through the RXSOL Distributing Quick Fill System.

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