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DEFOAMER is a stable white emulsion formulated to quickly eliminate foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water soil extractors, automatic shampooing equipment, and floor scrubbers.


Excessive foam greatly inhibits efficient recovery and continuous equipment use. As a consequence, it is important that a defoaming product work rapidly. After extensive analysis and testing of various raw materials, a silicone component was chosen as the primary ingredient for DEFOAMER due to its ability to quickly attack the surface tension of foam. As a result, rapid and total elimination of excessive foam is achieved within seconds of exposure to DEFOAMER.

Utilizing the Modified Bikerman Foam Control Test, DEFOAMER was tested against 18 competitive defoaming products currently being marketed. In every instance, DEFOAMER exhibited far superior foam knockdown and elimination.

Unlike the vast majority of available defoaming products, DEFOAMER is a stable emulsion and will not separate. The product will withstand 3 freeze/thaw cycles without adverse effects to the defoaming efficiency.

Using Procedure:

DEFOAMER is non-corrosive and will not harm equipment. Formulated with environmental needs in mind, DEFOAMER is phosphate free.

Some individuals may be sensitive to ingredients in this product. Before using, read product label and MSD sheet. Wet floors may be slippery. Prevent pedestrian traffic with signs or barricades.

1. Shake well before using to insure uniform dispersion.
2. USE FULL STRENGTH. DEFOAMER is ready to use. No mixing or diluting is required.
3. Add 1 oz. DEFOAMER per each 5 gallons of recovery tank or sink capacity for elimination of normal foam condition.
4. When carpeting has undergone previous and repeated shampooings, for maximum defoaming efficiency, spray
    DEFOAMER into recovery hose and onto sides of recovery tank prior to extraction.
5. When foaming is excessive, using your Spartasprayer, spray DEFOAMER directly onto foam in recovery tank as needed.


DEFOAMER is packaged in cases of gallons, four per case and quarts, 12 per case. Each quart is equipped with a flip-top dispensing cap. Label copy is available in both English and Spanish.

Be sure to read all Directions, Precautionary and First Aid Statements on product labels before use of this or any Spartan product. If questions remain, consult your employer or a physician.

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