dvr Defoamer Stearate Based

It is a versatile liquid capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of water based muds under severe field conditions in a wide range of operations. Effective at high temperature and at different PH of water base muds. It tolerates high concentration of salts.


This Product may be used in any area where it is desirable to reduce the foaming tendencies of water base muds. It is compatible with fresh water mud, sea water mud and brine system mud. It is also effective in KCL and sea water mud%u2019s.STEARATE Based Defoameis easy to mix, works quickly, is effective in low concentrations and is a more persistent defoamer than alternative products. Normal treatments of STEARATE Based Defoamer range from 0.05 to 0.10 lb/bbl (0.14 to 0.29 kg/m3). Severe foaming can require treatments as high as 0.2 lb/bbl (0.57 kg/m3). The use of STEARATE Based Defoamer is recommended for foam prevention when making periodic treatments with organic materials such as lignosulfonate, lignite and tannin%u2010base additives.


Advantage :

  • Easy to mix, works quickly and is effective at low concentrations in a wide range of systems
  • A persistent defoamer
  • Especially effective in KCl and seawater mud systems
  • Aids in the removal of dissolved oxygen
  • Controls foaming in fluids viscosities with polymers
  • Helps stabilize pump pressure by removing trapped air and gas
  • Low%u2010toxicity product and environmentally acceptable at the recommended concentrations

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