dvr DEEP CLEAN Drilling Fluids Cleaner

Very effective for cleanup during the displacement of oil or synthetic base drilling fluids prior to the start of completion operations.

Rxsol Deep Clean combines the dissolving capacity of powerful hydrocarbon solvents with the water-wetting capability of optimized Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB) surfactants, creating a double emulsion. The Deep Clean product satisfies all the requirements of a multiple-stage displacement wash train with just one product. This efficient combination of powerful solvents, surfactants and water-wetting agents not only provides excellent surface cleaning, but does so with a good-to-very-good HSE profile. When used in wellbore-cleaning operations, its double emulsion performs the task of thinning, dissolving and dispersing oil/synthetic-base-mud residue, while leaving all downhole tubulars and metal surfaces in a water-wet state.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties

Appearance            : Clear yellow to tan liquid
Solubility in water  : Dispersible
Specific gravity       : 0.92
Flash point             : 143° F (61° C) (closed cup)


Rxsol Deep Clean additive is designed primarily for down hole use in oil and gas wells for cleanup during the displacement of oil or synthetic base drilling fluids prior to the start of completion operations. The Rxsol  recommends concentrations of 5 %u2013 20% (v/v) in the main cleanup pill,pumped in turbulent flow. The combined action of the solvents and surfactants with the double emulsion in Deep Clean product provides efficient cleanup of solids and drilling-fluid residue during displacement operations and leaves all downhole tubulars in a water-wet state -without the need for a subsequent surfactant wash.

The Rxsol Deep Clean additive functions in freshwater, seawater, and high-density brines. Under static conditions, the solvent fraction will eventually phase separate. Mild agitation is required before pumping. The product can also be incorporated into a high-viscosity pill to aid in the removal of heavy solids prior to pumping the main cleanup pill or as a high-viscosity displacement aid that follows the main cleanup pill.

The exact product concentration and spacer/wash volumes will vary depending on mud type and wellbore conditions. Recommendations for a specific application should be made after consulting Rx Marine representatives.



  • Solvents and surfactants that creates a double emulsion and provide stability at a wide range of temperatures
  • Compatible with freshwater, seawater and heavy brines
  • Wash pill density to 14.0 lb/gal (1.68 sg)
  • One-drum chemical %u2013 Lower storage requirement at the rigsite
  • Low chemical concentration %u2013 Use less than other surfactants for the same job
  • Smaller pill size %u2013 Minimal waste potential
  • Reduced contact time %u2013 Pump faster for more effective cleanup
  • Fewer pills %u2013 Lower volume on surface required in pits; less waste generated
  • Enhanced wellbore cleanliness
  • Oil droplets readily dispersed %u2013 Cleaner pill interfaces for better waste separation at the surface
  • Leaves casing and pipe surfaces in a water-wet state, ready for completion brine

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