dvr Dechlorination Soln De Hypo 25 Ltrs

Acts as a  chlorine reducing agent in RO units and for membranes preservation. Acts as Dechlorinating agent is a kind of rapid reaction, is used to remove the residual chlorine in the reverse osmosis water, suitable for all kinds of reverse osmosis membrane.

Using Procedure:

Physical and chemical properties

Color: colorless, transparent form: liquid

Bouquet: irritating sour odor specific gravity: 1.37 (25 °C)

PH (1%) : 4.1 crystallization temperature: 1.1 °C

Products use

Chlorine can concentrate or dilute dosing, each more than 1 PPM of chlorine need 3.66 7408 parts per million (PPM) to restore. Dosing quantity deficiency can lead to reverse osmosis membrane by residual chlorine oxidation.

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