dvr Cutting Oil

RXSOL CUTTING OIL is a special blend of solvents and oils, designed to assist in the operation of cutting threading or drilling metals. The product exhibit good cooling properties and oxidation stability. Because of it's clarity the operator can see the cutting interface more easily

RXSOL CUTTING OIL  gets right to the tip of the work by cooling and lubricating the cutting tool. With RXSOL CUTTING OIL  having a low viscosity it causes less drag on the cutting tools but still gives excellent lubrication to enable the tool to cut easily.

Non- Corrosive
Suitable for Most Metals
Enhance Cooling Properties
Increase Long Tool Life
High Quality Oil Cools And Lubricates For Ferrous And Non-Ferrous


RXSOL CUTTING OIL  is non corrosive and is safe to use on most kinds of metals. The oil is recommended for a variety of cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It has been formulated using high quality refined base stocks

RXSOL CUTTING  can be used in all types of workshops, garages, mining industry, etc. on lathes, portable or bench drills, tapping tools etc.

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