dvr Creosote Oil

Creosote Oil is greenish-brown liquid, with different degrees of darkness, viscosity, and fluorescence . In the process of coal-tar distillation, the distillate is collected into four fractions; this product made from high quality material and available in light and heavy forms. The excellent properties of Creosote Oil work for preserving posts and wood that came in contact with the ground or in water like piers.

Technical Specifications:

Property                                              Unit               Min                   Max                 Typical

Specific Gravity at 30 °C                    g/ml             1.020                 1.150                1.100

Distillation Limits                                  %                                        

        0 -235 °C                                                                                      20                     8

        0-300 °C                                                            30                       60                    50

        0-355 °C                                                            65                                               78

Water Extractable Phenol               %m/m                                            3                    0.05

Toluene Insoluble                            %m/m                                            1                    0.38

Moisture %                                        %                     1.5                                              0.5 

Crystallizing Temperature               °C                                                20                       2

Liquidity after heating up to 38 °C   °C                   Completely Liquid                Completely Liquid

and keeping at 32 °C for 2 hours  

 Flash Point                                      °C                    66                                                 86

Naphthalene Content                        %                                               10                      <2

Recommended for                        Telegraph and electricity treansmission poles , fencing and structural tombers.

These values are typical and only representing the value in our laboratory with our test methods performed on representative sample and not on actual product supplied. The specification may change without notice.

Safety Creosote contains phenols. Use PVC or Polychloroprene gloves and face shield are desirable.
First Aid If splashed thoroughly irrigates the eye under a running cold-water tap. Use copious quantities of buffered phosphate solution if available. Get medical aid as soon as possible.
Skin Immediately wash with industrial methylated spirit or Isopropanol followed by a wash with soap and water.

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