dvr Corrosion Inhibitor – Laser systems

Laser systems – corrosion inhibitor for cooled water system

RXSOL-40-4024 is a high performance corrosion inhibitor developed specifically for water cooled laser systems and hot water heating systems. RXSOL-40-4024 prevents metal corrosion and oxygen consumption in the cooling system water. It is also very safe to use. Many water cooled lasers and modern energy saving heating systems often contain little water, up-to-date measuring and monitoring devices e.g. heat and flow meters, temperature sensors and thermostatic control valves. Such systems are often more sensitive to rust sludge than conventional systems. Because of these technical developments, corrosion prevention should be a priority in every new installation.

RXSOL-40-4024 is used at a concentration of 1-2% system water, i.e. 1-2 Kg per 100 litres of system volume. Dosing should be carried out at a point in the system where thorough mixing is possible using a bypass or a pump.

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