dvr Corrosion Inhibitor CI 2700

Film forming type, corrosion inhibitor. The dosing rate of corrosion inhibitor shall be 6-12 ppm (g/m3) based on the flow rate of product being transported through the pipelines.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Film forming type corrosion Inhibitor
Appearance: Amber liquid
Sp. Gr.: 0.93-0.96
Pour pt: (-)18 deg. C
Flash point ( minimum): 52 deg.C
Viscosity @40 deg. C (cst): 55-95
Min. effective concentration: 6gm/m3
Maximum allowable concentration:22.5g/m3


The internal surface of carbon steel pipelines shall be protected against corrosion caused by the presence of contaminants like sulfur, moisture etc. in transported petroleum products by continuous injection of film forming type corrosion inhibitor. The corrosion inhibitor shall be injected continuously on line at specified terminals by using two-inch Retractable corrosion inhibitor injection assembly including TEE-type Access Fitting. The effectiveness of corrosion inhibitor shall be monitored by reviewing the corrosion rate data generated by using corrosion coupon, corrosion probe.

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