dvr Corrosion Inhibitor Antifoulant Conc.

Corrosion inhibitor/antifoulant – cooling water, closed circuit systems ( Concentrated )

RXSOL-40-4027-025 is a superior nitrite based corrosion inhibitor that contains molybdate. It was developed for closed water circulating systems. RXSOL-40-4027-025 is based on a blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals, making it an ideal treatment for closed chilled water and low pressure heating systems.  NOTE – RXSOL-40-4027-025  is NOT suitable for  systems containing aluminium.

Dosing of RXSOL-40-4027-025  should be dosed at 1000 – 2000 ml/m3 in order to give an active reserve of 200ppm of sodium nitrite. In systems requiring significant passivation higher initial dosages may be required to yield the required nitrite residual.

RXSOL-40-4027-025 gives complete protection against corrosion andfouling by marine growth such as algae, moss, shellfish andmicro-organisms in seawater cooling systems. It is also usedas an effective biocide to treat diesel engine cooling watersystems against micro-organisms and bacteria.


1 . Avoid to use in any food area / food crop ( FARMING PURPOSE ).
2 . It is strongly recommended to clean entire fouled contaminated system prior to its use . 
4. Causes
eye and skin irritation , WORKERS must wear all chemical resistant apron and face mask , long pants , shoes. Strictly avoid contamination  of food items.


Anti-foulant and corrosioninhibitor for sea watercooling systems

It should be preferably be started on a clean system since it is formulated to prevent growth rather than remove existing growth of microorganism  bacteria , fungi , larvae etc.. ( EXISTING GROWTH  CAN BE CLEAN BY USING RXSOL-11-1008–DC / RXSOL-54-1008-SA  )

Using Procedure:

Dosing of RXSOL-40-4027-025 should be dosed at 1.5-2.0 kg/m3 in order to give an active reserve of 55-75 mg/L molybdate (as Mo04).

For sea water cooling systems

Dose 150 %u2013 500 ML of  RXSOL-40-4027-025   for every 100 tons of sea water flowing through the system per hour. The treatment should be applied daily when the vessel is on coastal waters. Normally  the treatment is not required when sailing deep sea . 3 PPM of  RXSOL-40-4027-025 is sufficient to prevent fouling.

RXSOL-40-4027-025 is also a recommended biocide to be used inconjunction with NCLT COOLINg WATER TREATMENT in case of contamination of microorganisms in the fresh water cooling system. It is effective over a broad pH range and gives awider spectrum of protection against micro-organisms in marine diesel engine cooling system. In this case, 100 PPMof RXSOL-40-4027-025 or 1Ltr for 10 tons of water, added on aweekly basis. The product should be applied to the expansiontank to ensure immediate circulation into the system


# Effectively control  MICROORGANISM GROWTH, Prevents marine growth in filterboxes, sea water lines and heatexchangers
# Economical , reduce down time cost , also doesn't require  any special monitoring, Consistent usage provides longlasting protection
# Also control biological corrosion
# Filming properties protect systemsagainst corrosion
# Ensures maximum thermalefficiency by keeping heat transfersurfaces free from deposits
# Reduces maintenance and downtime
# Non-toxic and non-pollutant PRODUCT

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