dvr Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor for open and closed cooling systems (ECO)

Multifunctional molybdate scale & corrosion inhibitor for open recirculating cooling water systems

RXSOL-40-4022 is a versatile molybdate-organophosphonate blend of scale and corrosion inhibitors for open recirculating cooling water systems. RXSOL-40-4022 is designed for systems with corrosive water (low hardness and/or low alkalinity). RXSOL-40-4022 will provide protection over a wide range of operating parameters.

It's pH booster mecahanism raise pH to provide additional corrosion protection.

Using Procedure:

First of all clean all deposits prior to startup of the RXSOL-40-4022 dose. 
A new or recently cleaned system must be pretreated to ensure maximum program performance.  After pretreatment, blow down the system to remove inorganic phosphate. Do not feed RXSOL-40-4022  until the phosphate level is below 3 ppm. For systems converting from a chrome/zinc or zinc program, blowdown the system to obtain chrome levels less that 5 ppm and zinc levels below 1 ppm. The recommended minimum continuous dosage depends on bulk water return temperature. RXSOL-40-4022 is intended for industrial use only.


RXSOL-40-4022 is also recommended for zeolite softened water system (low hardness/high alkalinity). In these applications, the upper alkalinity limit is 2000 ppm.

RXSOL-40-4022 will not provide excellent corrosion protection unless the calcium level in the recirculating water is > 100 ppm as CaCO3.

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