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Cooltreat  is an organic liquid corrosion inhibitor with extended life for use in closed cooling water systems. This product offers protection for all commonly used materials in engine cooling water systems, including aluminum. Unlike other coolants, Cooltreat  does not contain components subject to rapid depletion i.e. Nitrite and Silicate. Based on aliphatic acid technology Cooltreat  is stable and hence the test frequency can be reduced. Cooltreat  is fully organic and biodegradable.

Technical Specifications:


Colorless liquid

Density, g/cm3 at 20°C:







All commonly used


No known effect


Cooltreat  is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for all common metals in cooling water systems. Testing has shown no detrimental effects on non metallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in these systems. Where most traditional inhibitors react with the metal surface and form oxides that prevent further corrosion, Cooltreat  applies a thin and durable layer of protective molecules to the metal surfaces. This technology prevents the continuous build-up of insulating layers on heat transfer surfaces. For new builds, Rxsol  Ships Service recommends cleaning of the water system before commencing service. The system will always contain small amounts of oil and iron oxides, and this can be removed in one operation. If the system is corroded or is more heavily contaminated, degreasing scale is recommended. For systems previously treated with other products, Rxsol  Ships Service recommend to drain and flush the system before refilling with distilled water and Cooltreat . The system should be clean and free from scale and corrosion products when starting the treatment. The use of antifreeze is sometimes required if the vessel is to be laid up in cold areas, Cooltreat can be used in conjunction with glycols for frost protection. If used in conjunction with glycols, It is recommended to increase the product concentration to 8%.*

Using Procedure:

Cooltreatshould be dosed to a suitable point in the system. If the expansion tank is used, adequate circulation must be assured.

Dosing and Control

Initial dosage for an untreated system is 60 litres of Cooltreat /ton of untreated distilled water (6%). This will provide sufficient protection of the system for a period of two to five years under normal conditions.6% Cooltreat should also be dosed in all make up water added to the system to compensate for lost coolant. The engine manufacturer's recommendations for water quality should always be complied with. Chloride levels should always be as low as possible. Most engine manufacturers recommend a maximum of 50 ppm chlorides. For this reason, Rxsol Service recommends the use of distilled water as make-up.

  • Liquid product, easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly, fully organic product, low toxicity
  • Effective against cavitation and erosion. Superior heat transfer properties
  • Compatible with hoses, gaskets and seals
  • Compatible with glycols for frost protection
  • Stable product-non depleting
  • The product can be used for corrosion inhibition in many types of closed re-circulation system cooling water systems
  • Approved by major engine manufacturers

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