dvr Condensor Dispersant Scale Fouling Controler 260 Kgs

Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler is chemical compounds that are dosed in cooling system water to prevent fouling of system due to biological growth such as algae, slimes and bacterial deposits. It helps to remove biofilms that are formed by these micro-organisms, which otherwise are difficult to remove by adding biocides.

By removing Biofilms, Dispersants helps to prevent MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion). Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler  increases the efficacy of other biocides and is completely compatible with all biocides and suitable for plant metallurgy. Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler  reduces the quantity of biocides or microbiocides to be dosed.

Technical Specifications:

Appereance           :  Liquid
Specific Gravity      : 1.28 – 1.30
pHNormally            :  Neutral
Solubility                 :  Completely Soluble in Water

Using Procedure:

Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler can be fed continuously or by slug method to the re-circulating water. It can be injected by chemical dosing pump or fed directly to the CT sump (basin). The amount of chemical required to inhibit biofilm formation depends on the quality of feed water and plant operating conditions. The specific dosage rates will be specified by the  technical executive.

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